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Purple carnations are a great filler floral made up ruffled blooms on a single stem. Carnations are extremely hardy and come in many colors to complement designs. Carnations last incredibly long out of water and are a great choice for floral arrangements as well as garlands. 


Purple carnations comes in a 25 stem bunch. 

Purple Carnations - 25 stems

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  • Carnations are a versatile filler flower that can be used in so many designs and has a long life if cared for properly. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend setting aside 3-5 carnations for the bridal bouquet to be mixed in with other flower types and 2-3 for bridesmaid bouquets. Anywhere from 3-6 carnations is common when designing centerpieces depending on the style. Your individual floral recipe will vary depending on design of your florals and quantity needed.

    Each bunch of carnations comes with 25 stems. As professional florists, we can only guarantee 90-95% of your blooms are viable. Stems can be crushed inside the packaging, stems can break during processing, or petals can be rotten. When acting as a florist, it is extremely common to remove bruised, rotten and broken parts of the flower to improve the look and make it suitable for use in arrangements. In your floral recipe, planning to have extra blooms is key to ensure you have the product needed to complete your designs.

  • Your florals will be delivered after hydrating overnight, however it is imperative your flowers are processed within several hours of delivery and in fresh, clean water at all times.

    Processing florals means to remove all excess foliage, thorns and guard petals to ensure no foliage gets into the water and all hydration and go towards the focal blooms. 

    We recommend storing your processed florals in clean five gallon buckets with floral food in the water. Keep your florals as cool as possible to keep them lasting the longest. Florals should not be below 37°F. Extreme cold or heat can drastically shorten floral life. 

    Recut your floral stems and replace the water often. Fresh cut stems allow maximum water absorption and clean water reduces the chances of bacterial contamination, also shortening the life of your blooms. 

    The more care you provide your florals, the better they will perform on your event date. Returns and refund requests will only be accepted if flowers arrive in poor condition with photographic evidence. All florals will be inspected prior to delivery and monitored for quality. Flocal Co. is not responsible for circumstances resulting from negligence.

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